Call for Full Manuscripts for Trans. GIGAKU (optional)

Call for Full Manuscripts for Transaction on GIGAKU (optional)

All the presenters of poster presentations in the 7th International GIGAKU Conference (IGCN2018) can submit full manuscripts in English to be published in the “Transactions on GIGAKU”, an online journal, which will be published after the Conference.

  1. Submission of full manuscript is not mandatory for poster presentation in IGCN2018.
  2. Submitted papers will be reviewed by reviewers with relevant technical expertise.
  3. Only the manuscripts based on the poster presentations in IGCN2018 can be submitted.
  4. Full manuscripts for review should be around 6 to 8 pages
  5. Each manuscript should be accompanied with a cover page indicating Title, Corresponding author, E-mail, Category, and The corresponding poster presentation in IGCN2018.
  6. Each manuscript should contain page numbers.

An example of a full manuscript can be downloaded from here


  • GIGAKU Education
  • GIGAKU Research and Development

Schedule for Transactions on GIGAKU

  • Deadline of submission: 12th October(Friday),2018 Extend deadline: 29th October(Monday),2018
  • Planned Issue Date : T.B.A.


Please submit your manuscript via e-mail (IGCN 2018 Conference Secretariat informs e-mail address to corresponding author).